Sparrows Vault

Sparrows Pre X-mas Reveal

Last year we blogged about two possible x-mas gifts, for your budding puzzle masters, lock-pickers & penetration testers:

Just in time for x-mas 2019, Sparrow have released The Vault

The Vault

Get ready to learn a new skill with this challenge. The Vault is a professional three wheel lock and safe dial that is mounted onto a desk top presentation case. Spin the dial, listen and feel the clicks of the wheels as you manipulate the Vault open. Once completed for the first time the vault will open to reveal a collection of tools and parts that will allow you to alter the safe into a progressively harder challenge. It also includes a special key for changeing the combination. The Vault is much more than a onetime puzzle.

Sparrows even give you a link to a downloadable well written guide that includes:

  • a guide on how to operate the safe correctly;
  • the theory and practical application of graphing to crack the combination of the safe;
  • instructions on how to modify the safe to make it progressively harder! So not only is the challenge-box a normal working safe lock, its educational and progressive where you can increase the skill level of the box, as you become more accustomed to safe cracking!

Sparrows Vault Guide

By measuring the location of the touchpoints and recording them on the graph template, will indicate the depth of the hammer. A point should stick out where the left and right points move together - this is usually the number you seek!

Sparrows Vault Graph

Whats in the box?

The box is the challenge, and all its parts, its a real safe lock, but does not have the capacity of a working safe!

Instead its contents include:

  • the safe lock;
  • screw-driver to remove the locks back plate;
  • 3 - alternative levers to make the safe a step harder;
  • a fully working safe-key, used to alter the combination of the safe.


Images were sourced from Sparrows Lock Picks USA

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