The revolver is an interesting development on the 4-locks-in-1 approach. Instead of separate practise locks. This unique design has 4-keyed locks in 1-chamber. Its default configuration is a 5-pin keyed lock with increasing difficulty (through security pins) at every quater turn.

But don’t worry, if its too difficult - use the pinning kit provided to remove some pins (or security pins), and then build up your skill to tackle the most devious lock puzzles your mind can devise.

This also makes an interesting x-mas present for anyone interested in locksport, or possibly even the penetration / red-team cyber security fields.

The revolver

The cylinder (that looks similar to the cylinder of a revolver) is built to lock up with a new row of top security pins on every 1/4 turn. Pinning configuration starts with Standard pins at 12 o’clock (Marked with a small arrow) and then moves clockwise to

  • Spool,
  • Serrated and
  • Mushroom pins.

The end result is a lock that gets progressively harder to pick open. The security pin positions are pinned from the keyway in the following order (unless changed):

Standard, Security, Standard, Security, Standard.

One of the largest selling points of the revolver is its ergonomic grip, that makes it so comfortable to hold. Though because its solid design, there is some weight to it. But it is designed to be held in the human hand like so:


For those interested the key and lock are the standard Sparrows Schlage fitting.

Pinning Kit (Included)

Whether you want to increse the difficultly: by introducing more security pins? Or increasing the key length to 6-pins; Sparrows has you covered and has included this pinning kit - with the all the parts necessary to increse your enjoyment.


The kit is even compatible with the reload kit, scrooge pins, check pins and ammo pins. (Purchased separately).

Lockpicking Sets

If your considering this as a present, and havnt got a lockpicking set, and thinking of purchasing one alongside the revolver, I would recommend Sparrows EOD or Bomba Royale (European Set).


Happy Picking but stay legal; Only pick locks that you personally own!

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