Denominate CTF

Below is our walkthrough to the Bsides 2020/21 London CTF Denominate, created by Hack-The-Box (HTB)

Rated as medium difficulty.

CTF Brief

Our client’s network has been compromised, so we captured some traffic for analysis, can you find out what attacker did inside his network?

The file capture is available to download here

CTF Walkthrough

When we first open the packet, there is a lot of UDP packets, initial eyeball inspection indicates RTP. So we right click choose to follow a stream, then right-click again, choose “decode as…”, in the new window we use the pulldown menu on the Current column to and select RTP!

Decode as window

All RTP packets should now be correctly decoded:

RTP Stream

Next we want to start extracting the audio. We do this through using Wireshark’s built-in telephony modules. Using the menu Telephony - RTP - Streams Analysis

RTP Analysis

You should then get the below screen, and you can play the RTP Streams:

RTP Streams

Next we can use Wireshark’s RTP player to play the streams. There appears to be two streams

  • Some DMTF tones
  • Some noise

RTP Player

Back to the telephony menu, if this time we choose RTP - RTP Streams, we get a new window, where we can individually select one of the Streams, making playback of the DTMF tomes much cleaner. Click “Analyse” to get to the RTP player.

RTP Player 2

We focus on the DTMF tone stream to see a series of 6 tones.

DTMF tones

Using a DTMF decoder on an Android handset, we can decode the tones, as we hold the handset upto the computers speakers.

Android DTMF Decoder

The flag:


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