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Getting into disc detainer picking was previously very specialised:

  • you either had to spend a lot of cash for an uguly amount of metal that had little precision and feel and was difficult to use to manipulate locks.
  • alternatively you had to make your own tools, which again takes time and effort as you tweak the design making small improvements on each iteration, again becoming costly overall.

The disc detainer pick was a community build between Bosnian Bill aka LockLab and The Lock Picking Lawyer. Their goal was to create an affordable tool that didnt break the bank, that was experted created with precision so it was easy to use. Thus, opening the disc detainer picking contest to locksport enthusiats and hobbists.

The Sparrows Disc Pick can be purchased from:

If you havn’t found any disc detainer padlocks at your local hardware store? You can normally find some cheap 1$ asian-based copy locks on eBay.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Abus disc detainer training lock for 90€ (euros) from SSDev.

Disc Pick

Hot demand

Unfortunately, due to high demand Netscylla missed the first selling batch from Sparrows. Due to timezone differences they were sold out in under 2 hours on the 8th April 2020. We patiently watched the Sparrows website during the Covid lockdown, anticipating the release date for the next batch. Months went by but finally we were able to snap one up for 55$(CAD), after postage and taxes this ended up costing roughly £50(GBP).

The website again has sold out of batch 2. However, they have indicated that batch 3 will be ready in November this year (2020). So you can probably add the tool to your xmas list.

Disc detainer pick

Machined stainless-steel, minimalistic in size, easy to hold and operate. What makes the difference between this and the cheap clunky asian disc picks, is that its very light in your hands and there are no sharp edges! It is so easy to hold and manipulate, and you could play with a lock for hours with no injury to your hands or fingers.

For operation, we suggest visiting the LockLab & Lock Picking Lawyers website or youtube channels for their instruction videos:

Build Series


Happy Picking but stay legal; Only pick locks that you personally own! It is illegal to attempt unauthorised access on any lock you do not personally own, or have explicit permission in writing from the owner! If in doubt contact your local authority or local lock-sport community for additional advice.

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