SANS Challenge

Below is our write-up of the SANS Xmas Challenge 2019

SANS Write-upNetscylla’s Solution Guide

For those that have never signed up or attempted the Xmas challenge before, the SANS institute asks a number of info-sec people (pentesters, red-teamers, blue-teamers, incident responders, soc analysts etc) to build creative challenges and related talks to encourage self learning and a little but of competetive fun during the xmas holidays.

You’re free to compete alone, or even team up. The exercises are ususally quite fun and you can end up developing some new skills.

More about the challenge can be found here:

If you fancy a go yourself, it may be too late to sumbit a write-up that could win on of the many SANS prizes on offer. But the SANS Team and their sponsors keep past challenges up for you to continue playing.

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