Honest Dong


Manufactured by Honest Dong, this is a 10-piece dimple lock pick set, with colorful handle, and durable metal material. It also comes with a covert hard case (that resembles a spectacles case) for easy storage and carrying.

The handles are crafted anodised aluminium, which are of a good size that makes them easy to use the rotate without much effort. Resulting in a comfortable grip and easy movement.

What’s Included:

  • 10 x Dimple lock pick set
    • 1 center flag
    • 5 left flags
    • 4 right flags
  • 2 x Turning tool

Unfortunately, these picks lack a professional finish. But this can be easily remedied with some patience, sandpaper and a little elbow grease. You can round off the square shafts, bevel the flags, and give them a good polish - they will then closely resemble a professional kit.

Good Points

What they have going for them:

  • Fast & Free shipping;
  • Large number of different picks;
  • Easy to hold handles;
  • Strong shafts on the picks;
  • Shafts/handles are replaceable with allen key provided
  • All packaged together in a case.

Bad Points / Room for improvement

What they have against:

  • Picks are a little on the thick size - might not fit most dimple locks;
  • Square shafts might make the picks hard to rotate in locks;
  • Shafts are not professionally finished (as you might expect?)


Marketed as a cheap starter kit for dimple lockpicking; Although with a little extra work to polish the picks, you can turn this cheap and affordable picking set into a decent set of lockpicks that any professional can be proud to hold.

How to finish lock picks

Please refer to our future post How to polish and finish lockpicks

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