Amazon AWS has yet again, pushed changes into the way S3 buckets are managed. This is to prevent the never ending disclosures of companies accidentally publicising their data in public. With EU’s GDPR and USA’s Privacy Shield 2018 laws, there are now severe fines for organisations that do not adequately manage their data security.

This is not our first post about leaky S3 buckets, our previous post can be found here:

Whats New?

Logging into S3

When you log into S3 you should see warning text next to your bucket alerting you that some objects could be public:

Public Access Possible

S3 Permissions

Now under Permissions we can see four new options for fine grained control over the public accessibility of our data. Now within a few clicks, we can remove all public access, and prevent future public access (unless you have full control over the bucket).


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This is another attempt by Amazon, to prevent leaky S3 buckets. Hopefully, developers and system administrators (DevOps) can use these policies to prevent abuse or lazyiness, and stop all those companies dumping their data in public buckets for the world to see, access and copy.

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