Those of you that familiar with Netscylla from past escapades and Red-Teaming know that we love RFID technology, and that our own director was once a Proxmark3 developer. Today, in GB we finally received our Keysy devices from TinyLabs from a Kickstarter campaign that started over 2 years ago.

The Keysy is a small battery operated Low Frequency (LF) card cloner that fits neatly on your keychain, and it is also nice, small and convert in the palm of your hand.

A simple Red-Team device

Initial Testing

This device is just awesome for Red-Teams (or Black-Teams that conduct physical security testing in GB). Simply click and hold a button to put it in read mode, and you have a maximum of 15 seconds to clone a tag. In our testing, we found most tags are cloned in under 6 seconds. The tag can then be replayed by pushing the same button, or cloned to the provided tag (by pushing the button 5 times).

Small problem

Further testing revealed that when the Keysy is used to replay the cloned signal, you have to touch the device to the reader, and hold it at a particular angle. Its worth noting here that a number of our RFID readers failed to read a signal from the Keysy on more than one occasion!

The Solution

Simply clone the captured signal (stored on the Keysy) to the provided tag! Then touch the provided tag to the reader and it works perfectly every time! I admit its not perfect to constantly clone to tag, then tag to the reader. But it means you can quickly tag into/out of places without looking too awkward.


The tags we have tested so far:

  • AWID
  • Indala
  • HID26
  • Pyramid
  • EM4100

Watch this space as we assess more tags in the near future.

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