WiFi Security

Any attacker within range can eavesdrop on wireless (or WiFi) communications, steal sensitive data, gain access to critical systems and attack other users of a WiFi network. Having extensive experience in wireless security testing, we can help you identify access points and rogue devices, analyse your security configurations, test for vulnerabilities, and implement appropriate security policies to mitigate the risks associated with an attack.

Our WiFi security tests focus upon attempting to recreate the steps used by attackers to subvert wireless technologies. Our testing specialists perform reviews of device configurations, client patch levels, architecture hardening and wireless security policies.

  1. Spectral and Frequency Analysis
  2. Reconnaissance & Enumeration
  3. Fingerprinting and Protocol Analysis
  4. Attack & Exploitation Phases(s)
    • Access Point Attacks
    • Client Based Attacks
  5. Pivot Assessment (optional)
  6. Reporting

Through our reporting, we provide a detailed overview of the existing security vulnerabilities within your wireless deployment that could potentially be exploited in a wireless attack. We then recommend the best methods to secure the environment based on your unique internal business requirements and industry best practices.
Commonly seen protocols:
wifi equipment
Figure 1: A selection of Netscylla's WiFi equipment arsenal.